System Integration

Dais delivers system integration services that help organizations perform at their peak. Working with businesses of all sizes in many sectors, Dais will make systems and technologies work seamlessly in your unique environment while meeting your business objectives and budget.


Streamline business technology throughout your organization.

Our team delivers complete corporate technology solutions, from cabling and system implementation to IT management. Control and automate lights, drapes, screens, thermostats and AV equipment – all from an intuitive touch panel, remote or custom keypad.


Learn better with connected and collaborative learning environments.

Education is evolving exponentially, and the classroom is changing with it. With our technology, people can learn without being in school, or take a class without ever stepping foot inside a classroom. Technology is making learning an entirely new experience and turning the entire world into a classroom.


Transform the customer experience with interactive content, digital signage and more.

Change the way you reach out to your customers with our technology. Engage them with interactive displays and signage. Reinvent window shopping with new interactive glass. Manage your business with simple and connected technology, and track inventory anywhere and anytime without even thinking about it.


Enhance healthcare with simulation training, distance learning and telemedicine.

University and private hospitals, research labs and health science centers teach, collaborate and disseminate information using state-of-the-art simulation training, telemedicine systems and distance learning. Our technology supports these applications through telemetry, distributed antenna systems, networking, audio and video distribution systems, multimedia processors, and camera, lighting and climate control.


Centrally monitor, manage and control systems throughout your venue.

Centrally monitor, manage and control lighting, thermostats, security, digital signage and distributed audio and video throughout your venue. Control devices and systems in the bar, restaurant, lobby, spa and gift shop from a central office. Offer the ultimate in personalized luxury with automated systems in suites.