Music & Media

Access all the music you want from anywhere in the world. And hear it all with the robust sound of a wireless streaming music system.

Never worry about leaving your digital content behind. Retrieve your music, apps, games, e-books and videos from room to room, on the road, in the mall, or wherever you go. Your ability to customize and personalize your music and media has become wireless, seamless and potentially endless.

One remote control too many?

Your smart device is the only remote you need.

Whether it’s an iPhone, tablet or laptop, accessing and managing your music, movies and more is now possible from whatever device you happen to have handy. Dais simplifies the home media experience by integrating your entire collection of digital content with all of your favorite smart devices so you can easily find and stream from a single point with unprecedented ease.

The Dais Experience.

Experience your media content across any of your smart devices in amazing clarity without interruption. Control videos, music, TV and other functions from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Cue up movies, shows, songs and photos on one device, then pick up where you left off on another. Stream your media content throughout your home or customize for each room.