Find out what it’s like to live with Dais.

Dais offers a full suite of residential services and high-tech lifestyle solutions that offer intuitive and effortless control.


Enjoy the benefits of gigabit connectivity.

Dais brings you internet that’s 200 times faster than the average broadband speed in American households. So what do those speeds mean for you? Streaming movies, uploading photos and playing online games is now possible all at once without interruptions or delay. And that’s just the beginning.

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Redefine your TV viewing experience.

Discover the clarity of one of the highest quality digital cable services in the nation. Dais’ digital cable  service brings you the clearest HD picture and one of the largest selections of channels. Our range of channel packages includes one of the most comprehensive standard cable packages with 125 channels of news, sports, movies, family programming, local broadcast stations and HBO channels.

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Choose only what you need – no more, no less.

Dais offers a wide variety of calling plans and features to meet your needs. Choose a plan based on areas you want to call, the frequency of calls you make, the features you need, or all of the above.

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Make your house work around you.

Dais’ intelligent home solutions allow you to integrate systems such as lighting, temperature, window shades, energy and utility management, media and more. Our technologies give you the power to customize and control your home to fit your life.

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Experience your media across any smart device.

Dais simplifies the home media experience by integrating your entire collection of digital content with all of your favorite smart devices so you can easily find and stream from a single point with unprecedented ease. Your ability to customize and personalize your music and media has become wireless, seamless and potentially endless.

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Stay connected to what matters most.

Security goes beyond alarm systems and cameras. It is knowing the state of your home, wherever you are. Dais offers that peace of mind by empowering you to control and communicate with your home’s security features no matter where you are. With Dais’ security technology and monitoring solutions, watching over your family and home has never been so comforting or convenient.

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