Digital Cable

Discover the clarity of one of the highest quality digital cable services in the nation. Dais’ digital cable service brings you the clearest HD picture and one of the largest selections of channels. Our range of channel packages includes one of the most comprehensive standard cable packages with 125 channels of news, sports, movies, family programming, local broadcast stations and HBO channels.

Watch TV like never before

The difference is clear. With fully uncompressed video, all the best channels, loads of premium content, whole-home HD DVR service and low prices, Dais offers true value for the best quality service.

Superior HD Clarity

By delivering a fully uncompressed video signal right to your HD TV, Dais brings you the most vivid, life-like picture quality.

Packages and Bundles

Dais offers a selection of packages, features and bundled services that cater to your needs.  When you bundle cable, home phone, internet and features like HD DVR and extra movie channels, you won’t just save money, you’ll also receive one convenient monthly bill.

Channel Lineups

With hundreds of HD channels to choose from, you can enjoy all your favorite sports, shows, and movies like never before.

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With a dedicated support team of Dais Gurus, getting your services installed and connected has never been easier. And you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that all of your services are backed by a local provider that puts you first and is ready to assist you with whatever you need.


hundreds of
HD Channels

Dais offers you hundreds of HD networks to choose from. Everyone’s favorite shows are clearer than ever.

All the best
Sports in HD

Suit up and jump in to an all-inclusive lineup of everyone’s favorite sporting events and networks.

Premium HD Channels

All the movies and television series from the popular networks everyone loves.

Flexibility and customization

We have several packages and bundles tailored to your needs.

HD Quality

With fully uncompressed HD video, Dais offers superior video quality like you won’t believe.


Dedicated Dais Gurus there for you when you need them most, no matter the situation.