Security Monitoring


How long will my system’s backup battery last?

– 8 to 12 hours

Will my alarm still work if my power goes out?


What is a radio backup?

-Wireless communications device for the alarm system

How do I change my codes?

-To change the master user code enter the existing 4 digit master code, followed by the numbers 8 0 2 plus the new 4 digit master code twice, i.e., [1234] + [8] + [02] + [4321] + [4321]. When you’ve successfully changed the user code, you will hear a short confirmation beep, letting you know the code has been updated.

How do I change my batteries?

-To arm while having an open zone

How can I arm my system with a window open?

-To arm while having an open zone: Enter 4-digit code followed by the 6 key then the two digit zone number.i.e., [1234] +[6] +[03]

Why won’t my system allow me to arm it?
– open zone/ alarm history


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