Security goes beyond alarm systems and cameras. It is knowing the state of your home, wherever you are. Dais offers that peace of mind by empowering you to control and communicate with your home’s security features through the mobile devices and tablets you use every day. With Dais’ security technology and monitoring solutions, watching over your family and home has never been so comforting or convenient.

Stay connected to your home.

See inside and outside your home, and lock or unlock doors when you’re away. Prompt lights to turn on before you pull into the driveway. Disarm your security system and unlock the door as you pull into your garage.

Safeguard your loved ones.

Screen visitors at the front door from your backyard. Monitor the baby’s room, or keep an eye on the kids playing in the backyard from the couch or anywhere you can carry your mobile device. 

Be notified instantly when something at home needs your attention.

Get alerts to your smartphone when something isn’t right at home. Whether you forgot to close the garage, lock the front door or arm the security system, instant alerts give you added assurance and peace of mind.